Monday, 12 November 2012


Ladies, we all no that having nice hair makes us all feel much better about ourselves! So why dont we take better care of it? Here are a few tips i have picked up that help keep my hair in a good healthy condition.

1- Have regular trims at the hair dresser, i no in we all want that long flowing main, but we will never get that if we dont trim those ends!!

2- use a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week, this will just help ensure your hair is moisturized and in a healthy condition and als gives it an added sheen and makes it super soft! i use the moroccan Oil intense hydrating mask at £23.85, expensive i no but lasts along time and it is amazzzzeee!! i buy it online from

3- As hard as it is, try your best not to use alot of heat on your hair, or if you do make sure to use a good heat protector spray and or serum on your hair before you blow dry and again if you are going to use straighteners or curlers to avoid getting split ends.

4- Washing your hair everyday can make it become quite dry s try to wash it every second day and only put conditioner on the ends of your hair and not up to the roots because this will make your hair go a bit greasy and clog up your pores. 

5- Try your best not to back comb your hair allot, as it breaks the hair leaving it in bad condition.

6- After using heat on your hair always use a tiny bit of oil or serum on the ends just to add a bit more nourishment to them after the heat.

7- Wash your hair with warm water rather than hot water because this can cause the hair to be more greasy, then seal the hair with a blast of cold want er before you leave the shower

8- Try and use a leave in conditioner as this will moisturize your hair through out the day

9- Always use a soft bristle brush and be careful when brushing as to not damage or break you hair

10- DRY SHAMPOO!! use it the stuff wors wonders! days when you dont wash your hair put a little bit on and top with a bit of shine spray and your hair will look lush all day!!

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