Thursday, 8 November 2012

                         BE BREEZY..

Be breezy, probably one of the best pieces of advice to come out of my mothers mouth! You no when you first start speaking to a guy that you like and you are the one making all the effort and you are unsure if he likes you as much as you like him, if at all? Well this is where "Be Breezy" should come into your life! Being breezy is to be unavailable, so you stop texting him as much and you definately dont text first, you stop asking to see him ect. And this way if he is truly into you he will text, and ask to see you, this is when you decline the offer because you are 'busy'  (or being breezy), and you wait and whilst he gathers his ego back up off the floor that you just stamped on from turning him down, and once again he will/should ask to meet you. This is when you agree, and realise that being breezy has worked for you! Effort has finally been made by the male species you are interested in and you now know that the feelings are mutual between you both! However being breezy can occasionally back fire on you if you get an awkward lad who likes to be chased and is not a chaser, in this case he is not worth your time because every girl in my eyes, deserves a guy that will make the most amount of effort he can possibly make to impress you and make you happy!

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