Friday, 9 November 2012


me with my Velcro Sleep Rollers in
OBSESSED!!! okay so Velcro Sleep Rollers have probably been one of my top purchases this year!! i absolutely  love them! They are medium sized rollers with a foam center so they squish for ultimate comfort when you sleep in them. I use them all the time, especially when i go out, because they give your hair an amazeballs look with mega volume and bounce which you just cant get using curlers or a hair dryer. Personally when i use them i blow dry my hair as straight as i can first then, with the straighteners i quickly and roughly curl my hair because my hair is so thick other wise sometimes i don't quite get the look i want. Then i put the rollers in. I section my hair starting from the hair underneath and work my way up securing them tightly with hair pins as i go.The massive purple roller in the front you can see is a heat retaining fringe roller, i actually died of excitement when i got this because i have been looking for a roller this size for my fringe for a while and it works amazingly!! Personally for me i like my curls to face away from my face so when i put my rollers in, i roll them under rather than over purely because that's the look i feel suits me best but both ways work amazingly! Another great thing from Velcro Sleep Rollers is a hairdryer hood which comes in a GORGEOUS pink colour! this product is a life saver!! if you don't have time to sleep in your rollers or leave them in for a good few hours, then this hood dryer is perfect! you just pop the hood on over your rollers, and it has a long trunk like bit where you can put the end of your hair dryer in and you simply switch it onto the lowest heat setting and leave it on whilst you finish off your make up etc. 

Hairdryer hood

Over all i think these Velcro Sleep Rollers are a must have in your collection of beautifying tools, they are just amazing and i love them!!

this is the link to the Velcro Sleep Rollers online store

This is a link to an amazing youtube video on how to use the rollers


  1. I'm tempted to try the rollers!! My hair never stays curly :(

  2. MY FIRST COMMENT IM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!! You should defo buy them they are amazing!! i have really thick hair and they are the only product that i have found that keep my hair big, bouncy and curly all day!x